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Judith from Sussex (North of Brighton) & Pas de Calais
What I think was encapsulated by former PM John Major on yesterday's Andrew Marr show. There is evidence that Brexit will not be good for the UK and he explains it well. The pro-brexiteers want to break at all costs and they are rich enough not to suffer. They are not interested in our economy and most have no business or financial expertise. Ask yourselves why BMW have set up a new mini-plant in Austria?

David from London:
I support another vote, one in which people are actually told what they are voting FOR rather than what they are voting AGAINST.  This would make a change and actually force our politicians (what a shower) to create a proposition rather than stoke more racism and intolerance.  Latest polls are encouraging. 

Having said that, our democratic system doesn’t really do referenda.  It’s a parliamentary democracy after all.  This referendum was advisory and not legally binding anyway. Just as well ,as it was only called in order to attempt to fix a long-standing schism in the Tory party.  Thanks Dave.  

What I suspect will happen is that the Tory party will come apart at the seams and the public will be faced with a choice between crashing out of Europe and just abandoning the whole sorry mess. To think of "taking back control” then handing that control over to that shower of self-interested charlatans beggars belief. 

I run a business in the UK and like many other business leaders am considering off-shoring it in Europe. I admit there is certain amount of pique in this but I think I would rather be invoicing in Euros in the future.  I wish I were now!  Our (the UK) economy will take a decade or more to recover and major companies are already leaving the sinking ship in droves. 

Finally, our UK-Euro family has been forced, in a very unsettling period, to make all sorts of contingencies and expensive choices that we could have done without.  I have just come back from business in Cairo and can report that the world is having a good laugh at our expense.  The local paper was predicting riots in the street if we crash out and riots if we stay in.  Great.  

Terry - Fed up from Sunderland

I tend to agree with Pete from Herne bay. As much as I'd like another referendum, we have to accept the views and wishes of the majority. As Shelly from Chalfont St Giles, Bucks says, we cannot keep having voting until we get the answer we want.

My concern is for the future. We thought that May was the one to lead us forward. How wrong we were. She is just another typical Tory out to line the pockets of her wealthy cohorts and as weak as p***. Unfortunately the alternatives are weak as well. Although I am a staunch socialist I have major concerns about Corbyn. Is he strong enough to unite our country? Mmmmm not sure. And as for the Lib Dems, well your mate Clegg sold out his party and sold his soul to the devil when he went into bed with Cameron for a company car and as much free coffee as he wanted. So they are dead in the water.

It's getting to the stage now where I think I am one of the many millions in Britain, who are saddened, concerned but at the end of the day - couldn't now give a ****!!! It's dragged on so long and nobody in our so called government has a bloody clue. We just want it done and finished. Happy days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelly from Chalfont St Giles, Bucks:
Great to keep the debate going, always interested to hear views on this. 
I feel the same as I did then....for my money there is something sad about leaving the EU given we need togetherness more than ever. I'm also more worried now that the UK may need to get into bed with the US, the most backward country there is. However, I'm not comfortable with the idea of holding referendums until you get the answer you want. It all seems rather bleak but maybe it's pulling people together because what else can you do? 

Leanne from Doddinghurst, Essex and Pas de Calais:
So right now I am in a political wilderness. There isn’t one party that seems to care enough or want to drive real positive change in the UK. Brexit has been turned into a media circus of negativity. I voted ‘Leave’ and my decision hasn’t changed. Despite the shocking publicity business is great and corporate enterprises are not questioning future trade from my perspective. I desperately want ‘change’ in the UK as it saddens me what is happening around us all. I would feel absolutely ashamed of myself for not voting but there is no one worthy of a vote should a general election be called right now. The LibDems should grasp this period of uncertainty to show leadership, solidarity and give the nation a degree of hope and stability.

Peter from Herne Bay:
I think this is a great idea to give people the opportunity to say something about Brexit and know there are other like-minded souls out there. 

I am still a remainer but reluctantly accept the decision of the majority. My real disappointment is the effect the vote will have on our children and grand-children as its impact is going to be felt for generations to come. One of your contributors - Judith from Sussex – summed up my feelings as I too watched the interview with John Major. It’s astonishing how statesmanlike these politicians can become once they’re out of office. I’ve also noticed comments from Jeremy Hunt and Dominic Raab in which they seem to be preparing the way for a campaign to blame the EU for a failure in negotiations: Raab on Andrew Marr and Hunt in the Guardian.

Joyce from London:
Regarding your email we are a bit fed up with this continuous fight between the EU and us, mostly caused by politicians.   So we do not want to enter into a debate - we just want to run  our own country.

So we wish you well with your debate and hope you enjoy the different opinions of everyone.

Neasa from Canterbury:
For my part, I am going to be standing in the local elections for the Lib Dems in May next year. Getting political is the only way to go, I think. It looks as if we will be going through with Brexit (do you agree?) but you never know. And I think we can expect some huge problems and then, I hope, we go back in. 

Sue from Aberdeen:
I voted to stay and still feel the same but the democratic system spoke for let's do the best we one knows what will happen lots of speculation. The country needs to rally behind the govt and get on with it...…..

Terry from Sunderland:
you're preaching to the converted with me. I always thought it was a bad idea and the useless Tory arses aren't capable of organising a piss-up in a brewery never mind negotiate our departure.

I'm not sure about another vote. I think there should be but May won't allow it as she'll be ousted. It's just one holy mess and there's not sight of it improving. And what about our future trade partners? The USA? I wouldn't trust that imbecile Trump to sit the right way on the toilet without someone showing him how.

Nigel from Devon:
This EU stuff is really bad -  the pound is worth nothing  - tax is on the rise  - wages are  stagnant and we are still guessing the future. It's shit  - Boris should be tried for treason. He is admitting he lied. We need a vote on the so-called deal that May cannot make. I'm sure she has no idea what is going on!!! The whole UK is on hold , it cannot hang on for ever !