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Dave from Boubers sur Canche, Pas de Calais, France:

The UK, as anyone with half a brain cell knows, never lost control of its borders or laws: 
Parliament has *always* been sovereign. "Undesirables" could easily have
been dealt with, if May had done her job as Home Secretary - but she
steadfastly refused to use the powers in place because, in her eyes, it
was too costly! Nothing to do with the EU as the UK was never in Schengen!

Joao - Lisbon, London and Nord Pas de Calais

I would have voted Remain in June 2016. Though as a EU citizen I was not allowed to vote in the UK referendum, even though I have been a tax payer living in England for the most part of three decades with my British husband and daughters.

Since June 2016 happened, I took steps to apply for and get my British citizenship - I will brush over the detail of the bureaucracy and effort that involved.

I favour a second referendum for a multitude of reasons but the core can be encapsulated in the eloquent work by Banksy,  currently exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts' summer show. It is titled “Vote to Love”. The picture is attached.

I have signed the petition started by The Independent newspaper a week or so ago:

In case of a second referendum, this time I will have a STAY.

Christina from Brittany France:
I voted stay in EU. I am still of the opinion that is by far the best for Britain (and Europe). I am also strongly in favour of a 2nd referendum, which includes e.g.  “accept Deal”; “Walk Away”; “Stay in” – BUT with pre-determined percentage gaps in vote needed to “win” AND a required turn-out. AND GIVE US ALL OUR VOTE OVER HERE IN EUROPE!!

Garry from Pas de Calais (our weekly news collator):
Following the comment from Keith, have any of you have changed your minds on how you voted in 2016. Actually, it would be really nice to know either way? I will start, I voted stay, here is my new vote, STAY!

Keith from London & Pas de Calais:
Prior to 'the vote', you conducted your own poll.  Why not now do another poll, not seeking opinions or reasons but just the simple question: 
Stay.... or.... Leave?  (note from Data Officer - I am thinking on doing the website!)
It would be interesting to know if and how much opinion has changed.

Christina from Brittany France:
In reply to "Anonymous" from Burgess Hill, I would say it is far easier to work to change something from within  (Britain had successfully changed several things to its advantage) than to leave.

I became very depressed after the referendum because people clearly did not understand the set-up of the EU at all and voted based on changing things that, in many cases, were nothing to do with the EU! For example, Britain had always more control over immigration than it ever chose to use.

The vote to leave is not miraculously changeable every five years - it is intended to be permanent. So, to swap something in permanence that worked reasonably well for Britain - and could be improved upon -  for something that is quite clearly proving to be a nation-destroyer - expensive and adversely affecting generations to come - is extremely depressing.

David & Joao: London & Pas de Calais:
I’m an internationalist. Patriotism causes wars. We are all the same underneath.  The world is putting up walls, barriers and ripping up deals, even in 2018. This is all a recipe for commercial chaos and environmental disaster.  We should be collaborating not competing.  

Garry from Pas de Calais (our weekly news collator)

As you know, I am a "remoaner", but please read comment, please give me an augment for leave!

In answer to the query below about why we pay into the EU etc, the UK get so much from the EU, free trade, of which only 20% is manufacturing from the UK & 80% services, so what does our vibrant Country pay to have all we have?

Have you ever asked yourself : Why pay tax? Well, do you want a health service? police force? fire service? dustmen? It's not so different. We pay because we benefit hugely

The question about "unelected Europeans" who are not accountable is a non-argument. Oliver Robbins, an unaccountable civil servant who is paid by most of you, is running the Brexit talks. So what is this about the EU not being accountable when the UK is exactly the same?

Thank you to all of you that have contributed to this, we really need to discuss this, whatever our view is.

Steve from Burgess Hill  Sussex

Just a couple of thoughts
If this was sold as a free trade agreement why does it cost so much to be in the " club" and even more to leave? 
I still can't figure why those that voted in got depressed at the result as what we had wasn't working so something had the change. 


Jillian from Sussex:
I haven’t shared my thoughts because I guess I still don’t really know what the heck is going on. I voted to remain and was sincerely shocked and depressed with the result. 

Keith from London & Pas de Calais:
And as for Brexit (don't you just hate that word) I was opposed to leaving.  It is claimed that it was a democratic vote whereby the majority wanted to leave.  However, the way I see it, that was not the case.  

As the UK was/is part of the EU, the referendum should only have been the option of wanting leave, and the percentage taken against the total population. 17.4 million people voted to leave, but that is only 27% of the population and I believe that a large majority of those were misinformed -  swayed mainly by the prospect of curbing immigration  which they blamed for the problems in the country and a belief that the ailing NHS would get an injection of £350m a week and making comments like, 'We want our country back'....

I expect we will get our country 'back' but probably the way it was back in the dark ages.  Statements like, 'I don't want our laws made by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels' abounded.  However, few people can cite any law from Brussels that has adversely affected their life....That's not to say the EU isn't corrupt with people riding the gravy train.  I can't say that laws made by Parliament are all popular!

There were many who didn't vote either way, probably because they didn't know or understand the gravity of the outcome, of which I know many were truly shocked. And whoever had heard of Article 50, or any other article prior to the referendum?  There should be another referendum now that the facts and implications are better known, and importantly, it should be compulsory to vote, and to be deported if you don't! 

The way the referendum was presented was a bit like going to a restaurant and being given the bill and then being given the menu and not having your favourite dishes listed.

Like many, we are concerned about losing reciprocal health agreements especially as now due to age and health, travel insurance is prohibitively expensive and becoming unavailable. Someone questioned N.F. on a phone in today about this issue.  His response was that you don't get reciprocal healthcare if you go to America and Europeans visiting the UK have received huge amounts of free health care.  I call that dodging the question. He said we'll have to wait and see!

Nigel Farage who spearheaded the leave campaign is wealthy and such things don't concern him yet has been happily drawing a healthy salary as an MEP and happy to draw a pension from the EU of around £75,000 pa when he retires.

Also, concerning the current state of the UK you are probably aware of the rising crime rates, which apparently has nothing to do with the massive cuts in police numbers.  The latest news is that only 5% of crimes are solved and prosecutions made, meaning you have a 95% chance of getting away with a crime.  Also, police will not attend a callout for shoplifting where the amount involved is less than £200!  It is open season.  I called the police when a neighbour's burglar alarm was sounding only to be told they didn't attend sound only alarms.  I would have had to confirm I was witnessing a burglary in progress, probably I would have to produce photos as well.  Our local police station is now luxury flats.

There... that's my rant. Anyway, Christmas lunch 2019 can be served without brussels!


Anonymous(!) from Burgess Hill in Sussex

So 2 years on eh! and do any of us know if anything has been finalized or tentatively agreed on in that time....probably not.

I was a leaver and still am.  In the lead up to the referendum Britain was becoming a "cul de sac" at bursting point seemed we couldn't do
anything for ourselves without approval from the EU (Brussels) laws were being overturned, un desirables found to be living in our country
couldn't be deported..known trouble makers who hate our ways and  lifestyle were allowed to voice their opinions and hatred and all police
could do was monitor them.

It was not how it was sold to us 40 + year ago when it was a common market for goods and such like, not people . There were many reasons why the country wanted cant put the blame on any one thing...however clearly my reason things need to change are with our borders and our Laws. We need control of both.  

I only had to tick a vote for In or out...there was no 3rd box for "stay but restructure" however It wasn't working by staying in so no
other option but to vote out.

It hasn't hurt the UK so far and I doubt it will hurt once we have left.

Yes our country needs migrant workers for all areas and I welcome them to stay and mix in our communities but abide by our laws and you
will be welcome...scallywags and undesirables are getting in under the radar from the free movement of people and that was to end.  
France doesn't want them that's why it lets them ride the trains and trucks out of there. Of course if caught by a nw film crew they are
obliged to act. We have all seen desperate people, upsetting I know, but if caught are just removed and sent on their way to try another

Mrs May has sold us down the river though...she became prime minister by default, was a remainer and is dragging her feet on this..instead
of getting on with it and telling Europe enough is enough. Stop trying to please everyone on the bankroll and start looking past the end

We need to get tough with those t***s in Europe..and get on with it.

As for undesirables in our prisons.....get the buggers filling the pot holes in!
The roads in France are certainly far more superior to ours.