Quimper - Four differing experiences

These three are experiences concerning Quimper Préfecture (Finistère):

  1. We went to make an appointment around the beginning of August 2018. Our appointment was for mid-September 2018 - about 6 weeks away. The man at the desk wrote us a list of the things we needed and which we should have officially translated (proof of ongoin g income in our case).
    When we arrived (at 8.15a.m.!) for our appointment, we were quickly ushered in. I speak quite a bit of French, but was pleased we had taken a bi-lingual friend with us as the lady interviewing us was very harrassed (she started the interview with …”I hate my job, I am bored, you only have 17 minutes…). Our friend soothed her over time with empathy and reminders it was Friday!
    My husband, whose interview was first, had carefully put copies of all the requested documents into a folder very neatly - one for each of us. WRONG! The lady snapped: “I do not want them in a folder; get them out of the folder; put all the copies on one pile here and the origianls in the other pile there. You only have 15 minutes left.” My husband got very stressed.
    Eventually, all went well (and I had been quietly taking everything out of my folder ready for my interview!), fingerprint and thumb prints were taken and our files went off for “further examination” We await the result. (Update : Carte de sejour was received with no further query after about six weeks - though they did send us to the wrong place to collect it on our first attempt)

  2. Two of friends went last week to get an appointment. Theirs is next June 2019….9 months away

  3. Another friend went today…but they were told there were no appointments left and they would have to go back next week to ask for an appointment…not good.

  4. KB went to Quimper for an appointment and was given a list of things he must produce and which translations he needed. As a micro-entrepreneur, the requirements were different from his friends. His appointment was within a month, he was asked for one further document (attestation from the Mairie) which he had not got (and had not been previously requested). However, the fluent French speaker he had taken with him persuaded the official that the regular payment of Foncière and Habitation were sufficient attestation in thier own right and he is currently awaiting notification his card is ready for collection.

    CJ - Data Officer, LibDems in France