Carte de sejour - I have not applied

I have not applied for a carte de sejour as yet. I have lived in France nearly 15 years and have declared as resident with the local tax office ( impots) and have kept all documents .

Before moving I notified HMRC and have my old age pension paid directly to my French bank acc. My small private pension sadly will only pay me in Sterling and I have to keep my current account in the UK.

I am still taxed PAYE in the UK, although , in September I will have NO REPRESENTATION while still being a tax payer . I moved to France age 60 to spend my retirement near my only daughter and my two French born grand kids , little did I know that at almost 75 my happy life would become a nightmare !

The only hope I have is for another vote ( which of course I won't be eligible for after August .) And the voices from the European Parliament and my membership of LibDems. It cannot be right to change the rules under which we all bravely moved to another EU country retrospectively. That is not Democracy! Sadly from EC ,living alone in southern France .