Carcassonne - Carte de sejour is a Right, citizenship is a Privilege

Carte de Sejour ... application and receipt Very soon after the Referendum, I pulled together all my papers and applied for a Carte de Sejour, Permenante, 10yrs. The CdS is a RIGHT and if applied for, cannot be refused unless there is something very bad in one’s history/current situation. Citizenship/Naturalisation is a PRIVILEGE and can be refused hence not everyone is successful. My local Prefecture, is in the centre of Carcassonne, Aude. I made 3 visits in all.

The first, I just turned up at the Prefecture, and stood in the appropriate queue, to be given a numbered ticket, and then sat and waited to be called. I had mistakenly thought I would be given an appointment, to go back with my papers. This was incorrect. The lady official explained I did not need a Carte de Sejour. In turn, I explained that at my age, (72 at the time) I needed the Carte de Sejour to prove my residential status in France, and reduce my anxiety regarding my ex.pat. future status in France following Brexit; she understood. She then explained she did not give appointments; I needed to return with all my papers and they would then be checked and passed for inspection/processing/decision.

The second time, I went back with all my papers, stood in the appropriate queue, took a numbered ticket, and then sat down to wait. After about 45 mins my number was called and I went into the appropriate cubicle with all my papers. The lady was pleasant, efficient and while not chatty was not ‘officious or difficult’. After about 10mins. and a few questions for clarification, she put my papers in a ‘dossier’, having copied my passport and anything else, she also took my fingerprints. I received a receipt and was told I would hear in about 5 months’ time.     

  Third, in the event, I received an email saying my Carte de Sejour was at the Prefecture and ready to be collected after about 2months. I had to take in some form of official identification for it to be handed over. It could be collected between certain times (different from the previous two occasions).            

  Fourth, needless to say, I went into Carca. within a couple of days to pick up my Carte de Sejour ! I have also since applied for French Nationality, and am hoping the Carte de Sejour may assist in this respect. Much of the documentation is the same, and as the CdS was so recent, I used the same papers wherever possible. My Dossier was accepted June 2017, and I am waiting to hear re. an rdv in Montpellier. With the influx of applications, I imagine it could be another year before I get an rdv. We could well be out of the EU by then, but at least I will still have my CdS, even if the Govt. and EU are still arguing the toss. Hope this helps. PH.