Monte de Marsan - Carte de Sejour - Efficient Prefecture

We live in Les Landes and our prefecture is in Mont de Marsan. We had looked on-line and benefited from the experiences of two more sets of people who had applied successfully for the permanent carte de sejour. We were seen privately by a very pleasant lady. At first she queried our need for the card. I said one word 'Brexit' and she said that she now understood. We produced two sets of the required documents (one for each of us) and the form was filled out there and then. We were required to have our fingerprints taken but this was painless and clean. It was done by the aid of a kind of 'light box' and I assume that a check was then made with the police authorities. The letter telling us to collect our cartes was sent two weeks later. We were very pleased by the efficiency of the prefecture and by our own ability to produce the correct documents on our first and only visit!

Gill : Les Landes