As a Briton in France, what things might you be concerned about in the case of a “No-Deal”?

We have thought of these possible issues (in no particular order) on a personal level straight away, you may have more to add - feel free to email your thoughts to:

We’ll add to the list!

  • Getting deliveries from Britain as easily as you can now

  • Wanting to stay here for more than 90 days at a time as a non-resident

  • Invalidity of E111

  • Car insurance will alter

  • Bringing pets out and taking them back problematic

  • Customs declarations and extra duty to pay on UK goods

  • Less free movement across borders here

  • Wanting to work in more than one EU country

  • Keeping a British registered vehicle over here

  • Getting hold of cash from the UK

  • Frozen pensions

  • Time at airports, ports and the tunnel