Today's UK democracy and what price this holds in our present society

I am conscious of hearing on the radio and television on a regular basis from leaders of the Leave supporters that the reason a People’s Vote cannot be held is because it counters the name of democracy. They state that this would be a failure in consistency with voters and would mean that this vote would be meaningless, undemocratic and for nothing.  Brave heartfelt words and to be respected? Or not? Could it be more of the showman cover up that we have grown so tired of, over this whole Brexit fiasco?

Whilst writing to MPs over a weekend shortly before Christmas - to ask them to reconsider a Peoples Vote, rather than to support Mrs May's proposed agreement for leaving the European Community - I read through the details of a number of the MPs. Amongst other things, it gave their preference for either remain or leave.

I was astonished to find that among theMPs that I was lobbying several had supported the leave campaign, yet their constituencies had voted to remain. I found myself wondering whether these constituents were aware that they had been short-changed by their MP, and that they had gone through the process of democracy at the ballot box for nothing. The man that had been voted into Parliament to represent them had completely ignored their votes and wishes.

Bearing this in mind, I refer back to my initial sentence, and would ask how can the statement being regularly used (that the initial vote must be honoured) when it clearly is not being honoured by several MPs who are not representing the true wishes of their constituency.

This point has even been noted by leaders of the European community who on BBC4 recently actually noted MP's must honour their constituents. Shouldn't this matter be raised with the public to foil yet another myth attached to the Leave campaign? To me it seems that of the value of democracy has been totally undermined  by its constant manipulation in the United Kingdom. 

Sarah Page