Throwing money around like Sweets - just like Labour

How can UK expats expect EU countries to support them if the UK does not pay its 39Billion.GDP exit fee to cover commitments already signed up to.  If the UK reneges on such ‘liabilities’ freely entered into and agreed for future years, then it will become more of a pariah country than it is becoming already.

BoJo is not giving away any information at the G7, so far, and that is because he probably has no ideas anyway.  Just as happened after the Referendum, when they had to start scratting around for answers which they never really thought they would have to provide. 

Also, if he can spend so much money on PR,  to get Brexit done, how come the money was not already spent on the NHS, social care, education and policing?  It seems he is doing just what Labour have done in the past -  throwing money around like sweeties, money that was agonisingly collected during the years of austerity by the previous Chancellor of the Exchequer.  Is there no way he and his minority-elected band of cronies and un-elected aides, can be stopped?

PH , Occitanie