Tales of "Conversion"

From Committee member Kay Braine

First, I have a confession to make: all my professional working life I was not motivated to become involved in any political movement, although I always voted and usually Liberal Democrat. That being said, my core values and attitudes certainly are reflected in the LibDem policies.

However, 8 years ago I moved to live in France (to retire here) and began to realise that being European really mattered to me.

Then came the Referendum and the subsequent Brexit proposition. Even more I saw that the Liberal Democrats were truly the UK party with a real belief in Europe. The realisation came to me that perhaps I should be doing more.
You could say it was time to put my money where my mouth is - I would prefer “where my heart is”. Hence, about a year ago I joined the Party.

I have a confession - during my professional life,
I was not motivated to become involved in any political movement

As a member I was surprised to receive information about the LibDem group here in France and news of the forthcoming AGM in Poitiers.

I attended the AGM last year really just to find out more but was genuinely amazed by the commitment and industry of the members of the Executive to formally address the concerns of British people now living in France. I was happy to be co-opted to the organisation and continue to be impressed with the energy and leadership of the Executive Group and hope to contribute to the obvious momentum established.

As a belated convert, blazing with the zeal of the newly enlightened, I ask you-

I live in the Mayenne, department 53, but close to the Orne and Sarthe and as a belated convert, in true “convert style” I ask:
If you too feel strongly about:-

  • the political mayhem (no apology for the pun);
  • the loss of voting rights;
  • the depreciation of Britain;
  • the possibility of having to jump over increasingly high hurdles to maintain your European rights

AND you have similar minded friends who, like I was, are not in the party -

ENCOURAGE them to take this positive step to join us and together we will fight to maintain our rights and to restore the sort of society we value.

FUTURE GENERATIONS will thank you.