What are you doing next Tuesday?

Dear Christina Jane, 

I know where I’ll be on Tuesday – voting against the Prime Minister’s disastrous Brexit deal

When I walk through the lobby next Tuesday I’ll know this is one of the most important votes in British politics in decades.

And I know how much it means to you too. I can see that from the stacks of letters, emails and tweets I am receiving daily. 

It’s no secret that a number of Conservative MPs are wavering on this deal– that’s why I need you to tell them why this deal is bad for Britain. 

YOU can help determine the result of this vote now

Christina Jane. it’ll take just a few seconds but by clicking the button below you’ll move these MPs one step closer to following me through the lobbies on Tuesday evening.

Yes I’ll help Christine


Your help will take us one crucial leap closer to stopping Brexit

Best Wishes,

Christine Jardine MP

Edinburgh West

P.S As an MP, I know the power of strong email campaigns when they land in my inbox - so please share this email with five of your friends. We need to ensure these MPs are deluged with emails, to change their minds and the direction of this country.

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