Liberal Democrats fight to keep Britain
open, tolerant and united

LibDems in France strive to get you representation

The Liberal Democrat's main aims are ours too, but we in France, with you, have further concerns affecting us directly.

We are fighting to increase our representation, to enable us all to be able to vote and to have dedicated overseas European constituencies.

Our European Champions are in place in Government,
putting your view in Parliament”
— Paul Fisher, Chair, LibDems in France

What we've achieved

  • LibDems in France branch was formed in February 2017

    • At that time we were a branch of what was called BELD (Brussels and European Liberal Democrats)

  • One third of their members lived in France

    • Early in 2018, BELD reformed and is now Liberal Democrats in Europe Local Party

  • In France, we recognised that we had some very specific needs and aims that were not necessarily shared by other countries.

    • By April 2018, as we had a strong and active membership,LibDems in France applied to became a Liberal Democrat Local Party in its own right in order to pursue those aims for our members.

  • We are independent of Liberal Democrats in Europe Local Party.

    • We are however, part of the "umbrella" organisation of Liberal Democrats in Europe as a region (This in turn is part of "Liberal Democrats Abroad")

  • We are therefore now in a strong position to represent you and your needs and address your concerns

  • We have also formed as the Lib Dems in France Association in France.

    • This is to enable us to better interact with and serve our members and supporters in local areas

    • We have active local groups in several areas and our Membership team are engaged in setting up more where there are sufficient numbers in an area to achieve this

  • Members of our executive and our supporters have been both on local television and radio stations to publicise our stance on Brexit, on Votes for Life and on Representation.

    • We have set these three as our campaign priorities for 2018 and battle has commenced!

  • We are specifically supporting key constituency Cheltenham and target seat in readiness for any imminent general election. Max Wilkinson - the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate is an active and ardent remainer and a strong supporter of Votes For Life.

  • We are active members of ALDE Individual Members and our Chair speaks at their conferences on Brexit, our rights and other matter

  • We have formed more local groups to keep you informed and to help our community feeling across such large distances between us

  • We are working actively to pursue getting us all Votes for Life. We have active involvement with a member of the House of Lords on this

  • We have an arrangement to forward your Brexit concerns directly to Tom Brake MP, our European Champion, which he will raise questions on where relevant and act upon as appropriate.