This page was created on 11/05/2018. The information set out here is effective from 25/05/2018

Any changes after that effective date will be set out here. (Previous versions will be then be held offline,  available on request)

LibDems in France Association use the legal basis of consent for processing personal data that has been supplied to us in our capacity as Liberal Democrats in France Local Party.

The Liberal Democrat Federal Party's policies are available by clicking here

At the first time that data is supplied to us, we email you and ask you to choose whether you wish to receive LibDems in France Newsletters and other information from us (for example campaigning or local group information). We may also process data from you under the legal basis of legitimate interest (for example ensuring the security of our sites and services)

Other places at which we may gather your personal data include:

Via sign-up forms, which may be on or off-line; when you make donations to LibDems in France Association; when cookies are placed on your device(s) and tracking pixels. It may also be as a result of our interaction with you on Social Media (such as Twitter or Facebook)

The data gathering includes data you supply to us directly (as in a sign-up form) but may also include information such as your IP address, your browser and the type of operating system you use. It may also include information that you send to us in an email or in a comment

How we may use your data: We use your personal data to keep you informed of our activities (for example campaigns) and of opportunities for you to become involved in local, regional and other events connected with our programme which we assess to be of interest to you.

We may also use your personal data to process any donations or payments you make to us (for example for the supply of any merchandise that we may offer to you)

We may also use the data in order to communicate with you in connection with any queries or comments you have raised with us

The routes we may use to contact you include (but not exclusively): Email (where we have been provided with an email address and you had granted permission); Facebook (where you have provided permission); RSS feeds (where you subscribe to any); notifications from the website (where you have subscribed to them); Twitter; Targeted advertising (for example you may be shown an advert from us on social media where you have taken action that would allow this to happen); telephone (where you have provided a phone number); your mailing address (where you have provided your postal address)

Sharing and Storing Data.

Your data is not shared with anyone else except our associations officers in the course of their duties (you can see a list of them here) unless any of the following apply: it is required by law; if we have first asked for your permission to share it (and that permission has been given) or if it is provided to a third party service for the purpose of us communicating with you as set out in this notice - for example, to send you email information.

We will only pass your personal data to other organisations if their own systems, standard and legal terms are complaint with the requirements of GDPR effective from 25/05/2018 to the best of our knowledge. Their use of your data is covered by their own privacy notices. Data used by some of them may be stored outside the EU and this must be in accordance with GDPR requirements by them where this applies. 

Our data records are help separately from those of the Liberal Democrats in the UK. Data provided to us a Liberal Democrat Local Party is held separately and your data from it is only shared where there is a legal basis for doing so (as detailed above, for example, where you have given your consent to receive our mailings). We may also use that data to remind you, for example, that your membership to the Liberal Democrats is due for renewal and in doing so we are acting as Liberal Democrats in France Local Party under their privacy and fair use notices

Withdrawing your consent. 

At any time you may withdraw your consent for us to process personal data from you. This means you will no longer receive any information from us by the means you withdraw permission from. These places include:-

To withdraw from email consent to LibDems in France email to with that request

To withdraw from phone/address consent, to LibDems in France, email to with that request

To withdraw from any of the Liberal Democrat Federal Party consent you have given to them, click here for information

To withdraw from social media permissions, please follow their own guidelines

To withdraw your permission for cookies - block the cookies for our site on your browser - (note that this may prevent your full enjoyment of the site). The cookies on this site may collect anonymous usage data for analytics. Additionally they may be used to integrate with services from social media (such as the Facebook Connect and other Facebook services). They are also used for analysing website traffic from email subscribers via the Mailchimp service provider and for servicing any request you may make to us (via comments or helplines for instance). 

How we Retain your data

We use only as much data as is necessary to deliver the services you are party to under the criteria above (such as membership information; newsletters) and we only retain your information for such time as it is relevant for those purposes, or for legal purpose such as may be required by law on electoral finances or tax for example.

This can include retaining data after you have unsubscribed in order to ensure that we do not subsequently send further information in error and to protect against any possible malicious attempt by a person to add you back into a list you do not wish to be a member of.

You may exercise your legal right for such data to be deleted.

Under GDPR regulation you have the following individual rights:

The right to be informed

The right to access

The right to rectification

The right to erasure

The right to restrict processing

The right to data portability

The right to object

Various rights concerning profiling and automation

For full details of this please click here to access the official site

We welcome your comments to us. Blog comments and others will be moderated. Any comments that we consider not generally acceptable will be deleted - for instance (but not limited to)  any that are aggressive, in bad taste or off-topic. Our decision is final. If you wish to comment directly to us on our data policy, or any other matter related to us, please email us at