If you CAN vote - make sure you are up to date!

12th December election is rushing down the track at us.!

Can you regiser to vote? Are YOU registered to Vote? If so and you have not - time is running out. - you can register easily at

If you are - we recommend getting a vote by proxy rather than relying on the post. If you want to more about this - see

It needs to be organised quickly - proxy votes (or postal votes) need extra time to become active

For a British person living in France, these are precarious times

Many of us feel insecure during this turbulent period between Britain and the European Union. LibDems in France are here to raise your profile and to give you a voice that will be heard.

When you lived in Britain, you were part of a constituency with a constituency MP. 

You may or may not have voted for that person  - but they were your voice. 

Now you live in France, who speaks for you? 

Ready to take the next step?

WHEN YOU JOIN the Liberal Democrats in the UK, you are automatically a member of LibDems in France IF YOUR REGISTERED ADDRESS IS IN FRANCE.

Help us fight your corner! Click here to join the Liberal Democrats now: